I mostly use a mixture of Winsor & Newton and Sennelier artist and professional quality oil paints. I started with these and so their qualities are very familiar. I'm currently experimenting with paint from Holbein, Gamblin, and Richardson, amongst others. I also highly recommend using Gamsol as a solvent; it's a very artist-friendly product. I mix it with 2:1 with stand oil or walnut oil to make a nice medium.

For brushes I still use some hog bristle brushes, however now I'm venturing into the synthetics with great success. Longevity is aided by keeping the rough dunking in caustic cleaners to a minimum, so I tend to wipe my brushes rather than constantly clean them as I work. At the end of a painting session I clean all my brushes with soap and warm water.

For canvases, I most often use the Fredrix brand of cotton and linen canvas, and sometimes use Claessens linen canvas which I buy in a roll.