Private Art Classesone-on-one instruction and workshops


Floral painting by Elizabeth R. Whelan

Take your art to a new level!

Elizabeth R. Whelan offers private art instruction for adults in the form of one-on-one classes, in her studio or at your location.

Whether you are in town for a week or two, for the summer, or live on Martha's Vineyard year-round, Elizabeth will share with you techniques and tips that will increase your abilities and add to your enjoyment of making art!

Instruction is primarily in various methods of drawing and traditional techniques of oil painting.

Depending on your interests, learn to:

  • Sketch comfortably in outdoor and urban settings (travel journals and urban sketchbooks)
  • Draw and paint complex scenes, landscapes, and still life compositions
  • Improve your portraiture : people and animals
  • Paint in a direct method (such as plein air landscapes, or alla prima portraits)
  • Paint in an indirect method (using glazes and layering)
  • Learn about materials and options for travel kits and professional artist supplies
  • Get insight into the professional art world and advice on promotion and marketing your artwork
For the beginning and intermediate artist, Elizabeth Whelan firmly believes in the importance of sound drawing ability no matter the type of art that interests you -- plus it's fun and very portable! And if the thought of oil painting has overwhelmed you, let Elizabeth get you on the right path with solid technical knowledge, inside know-how, and both the latest archival material info plus the time-proven techniques of the masters.

For the advanced and professional artist, Elizabeth can provide impetus to move forward, fine-tune your approach and techniques, and reinvigorate your work and working methods. There's nothing like one-on-one time with a professional working artist to get you to the next level!

Elizabeth Whelan is interested in helping you with your artwork goals, and is dedicated to providing useful and fulfilling instruction. Call her to ask about your particular interests. Class approach is INTENSIVE with personalized artwork assignments and practice pieces to help you move forward rapidly. Even one or two intensive sessions can be helpful if you are only here for a short time.

Adult beginners to advanced and professional artists welcome. Ages 15-150! Classes take place in her studio on Chappaquiddick, or at your location on Martha's Vineyard.

Hours, duration of lessons, and schedule are flexible.

For more information, please contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or phone 508-560-0083.